Fundamental advances in climate modeling will come from an improved understanding of the dynamical processes shaping climate, and their interactions across an enormous range of scales: from the micrometer scales of cloud droplet formation to the global scales of atmospheric circulations. Neither can be completely understood in isolation from the other.

The goal of the Latsis Symposium 2014 is to bring together researchers from diverse subcommunities in the climate sciences, in order to map out the most promising research avenues and answer the most pressing questions in climate dynamics.

The program will consist of invited overview lectures, Pecha Kucha talks that will anchor interactive discussion sessions, contributed talks, and posters. To foster broader interactions, there will be communal lunches and a banquet for the participants, as well as a public lecture. A limited amount of travel support for early career scientists is available.

Confirmed Speakers

  1. Boos

    William Boos

    Yale University

  2. Bretherton

    Chris Bretherton

    University of Washington

  3. Caballero

    Rodrigo Caballero

    Stockholm University

  4. Cane

    Mark Cane

    Columbia University Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

  5. Deser

    Clara Deser

    National Center for Atmospheric Research

  6. Hartmann

    Dennis Hartmann

    University of Washington

  7. Held

    Isaac Held

    GFDL/NOAA Princeton University

  8. Hoskins

    Brian Hoskins

    Imperial College; University of Reading

  9. Mapes

    Brian Mapes

    University of Miami

  10. Muller

    Caroline Muller

    École Polytechnique

  11. Randall

    David Randall

    Colorodo State University

  12. Shaw

    Tiffany Shaw

    Columbia University

  13. Shepherd

    Ted Shepherd

    University of Reading

  14. Sobel

    Adam Sobel

    Columbia University

  15. Stevens

    Bjorn Stevens

    Max Planck Institute for Meteorology

  16. Tziperman

    Eli Tziperman

    Harvard University